FIDM Participation

Financial Institution Information
As bankers, you know how bad debt destabilizes businesses, communities and individuals. FIDM makes collection of the $114 Billion bad debt--unpaid child support, owed to American children, possible. It is why FIDM exists and why the FIDM Alliance was formed. Your conscientious participation in this process is crucial to its success.

This web site is arranged to make it easy for financial institutions in the FIDM Alliance states to comply with the FIDM requirement. Even though FIDM compliance is compulsory, the states of the FIDM Alliance respect the added burden and risk that FIDM compliance imposes on your financial institution. It is why the Alliance chose Informatix to administer its data matches.
The Informatix, Inc. Data Match
Informatix is a leader in secure, web-based data exchange transactions. Informatix's experience, industry savvy and technical capabilities enable them to design systems fully compatible with financial institution data exchange standards. Informatix's Data Match system couples a comfortably tailored, well secured, web-based, data exchange process with a rapid, efficient matching system designed to interface seamlessly with your institution's data schema.
Designed To Keep Accounts Safe
Security is the highest priority of Informatix's Data Match. Advanced on-line encryption and security protocols are carefully developed, thoroughly tested and scrupulously maintained. When your financial institution joins FIDM Alliance it enters a secure system designed to protect the assets and privacy of your account holders.
Off-Line Testing
Interface testing between state records and your reporting format is initially conducted off-line, using Informatix-supplied software. The routines are designed to help your information systems professionals understand the process and explore variations prior to on-line deployment.
Multi-State FIDM
Informatix currently operates in-state FIDM for the Alliance only. If your Financial Institution is opting to go Multi-State and participate in the federal program, please contact Informatix so we may take you off the in-state list of Financial Institutions. To get more information about switching to Multi-State, click here.
Lots Of Options
Aside from the on-line Data Match system, Informatix accommodates FIDM Alliance financial institutions by providing an array of choices for data exchange modes, media and matching methods.
For more specific information about your state's FIDM program, click the button below and check-in.